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Since the founding of the first ConcepZion company, looking after companies in foreign markets, such as Germany and Korea, has been one of our core businesses. To date we have been able to help a number of companies to successfully establish themselves in foreign markets.

Korea and Germany complement each other well. There may be hardly any other bilateral trade relationship that is so well-balanced. They are both record export nations who value each others’ products and brands. This fact underlies the founding of the company, and therefore also our original specialisation in trade between Germany and Korea.

Bureaucratic hurdles, absent networks, different cultures, high capital requirements… these are just some of the hurdles that companies need to contend with, and we continue to contend with them to this day.

Where we work, we have a truly local presence. In Korea, we are represented by a subsidiary company in Seoul (Gangnam). With this, we are represented by subsidiaries in eight countries, while having a worldwide presence courtesy of additional partner bureaus.


  • Network in the target market
  • Mediation of distributors and dealers
  • TV home-shopping, department stores, E-commerce
  • Regional distribution and sales responsibility
  • Joint ventures with capital investment and operational leadership