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Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand: Vergleichsweise niedrige Kosten und hohe Skalierbarkeit im Gegensatz zum stationären Einzelhandel. Als Unternehmen mit einem großen Standbein im  Einzelhandel war für uns von Beginn an klar, dass wir das Thema E-commerce ebenso visionär und unkonventionell angehen müssen.

The advantages are apparent: lower costs and high scalability compared with stationary retail. As a company with a large foothold in retail, it was clear to us from the start that we needed to approach the topic of E-commerce in a way every bit as visionary and unconventional.

As great  e-commerce might appear with its incredible growth rates, as high is the competitive pressure put by the well known and established players.

E-commerce companies who succeed against the big ones, stand out above all via personal service. Our clients value our service, offering them an unique assortment and making demanded products globally accessible to customers.

By operating internationally we can identify regional needs and serve them accurately by offering suitable solutions. The over over-average customer confidence allows us to easily introduce brands and products.

Logistics processes, which are known to be one of the hurdles in international shipping, have been optimised such that they hardly play a role in clients’ purchase decisions any more, in terms of time or financially.

What wins our end clients over:

  • Customer support
  • Optimized processes, cheap delivery, short delivery times
  • Making products accessible
  • Customer confidence
  • Attractive loyalty programmes